Bug Bash
Publish Date2019-02-23

I noticed a few bugs on my site while poking around recently. I ignored them at the time, but at this point its started to become noticeable.

Here is the list I came up with:


  • 2 line fix: Navigation Items should be default view (instead of social buttons). While watching people use my site, I noticed that they have a hard time finding the navigation. In the future, I will do some research to find a new place to put the social buttons
  • 1 line fix: There is a bug on the social buttons, where they have the default link css (blue color and underline)

Song Page

  • 1 line fix: Hide Composed: if there is no composed_on field (remove Invalid Date)
  • 10 line fix: Clean up style on frontmatter for songs

Song List

  • 1 Line Fix: Header needs more padding
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