Show Recordings on the Internet Archive
Publish Date2018-10-23

I played at Pine Island Brewing on September 9th 2018, and October 21st 2018. More information on each show can be found on its page: Pine Island 2018-09-09, and Pine Island 2018-10-21.

The recording of this show was not the greatest quality, but the performance was solid. Despite the technical difficulties, I enjoy sharing these recordings with anyone interested, so I have setup a musician account on Internet Archive. I will be uploading new shows, and trying my best to get old ones up there as well!

I have always admired the philosophies of the Grateful Dead, in regards to live music distribution. It feels great to offer my archive content on the same platform!

As part of this, I also intend to backfill old shows that I recorded. Feel free to record and upload your own!