Fan Connectors- Part 2
Publish Date2016-10-25

In a previous post, I found two questions about music discovery which I wanted to explore. I conducted a survey both online and in person soliciting the following questions:

  1. What was the last song you discovered?
  2. How did you discover it?

There where 30 people surveyed so far. The results are posted below:

2016 10 25 survey results

A few interesting points:

  1. I found one maven who found rap mixtapes with a special app for leaking mixtapes
  2. The lions share of discovery is via youtube and friends

This is a crude survey because for several reasons:

  1. Discovery is most likely sector specific (age, genre, location, etc.), and I got mostly college students to respond
  2. Its only 30 people

However, it gives me a string to start pulling.

Here is the next set I am curious about:

  1. How are people discovering music on Youtube?
  2. What where the people doing with their friends when they discovered the new music?