Templating Your Booking Inquiry Emails
Publish Date2016-10-08

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DIY musicians need to send booking inquiries on a regular basis. Putting the time and consideration into a well crafted, reusable template saves time and ensures quality.

I have a few of these templates differ in wording slightly based on venue style and location.

Here is the one I use most often:

SUBJECT: Booking Inquiry: Rich Soni

My name is Rich Soni, and I am a local singer/songwriter.
I am exploring new places to play, and love to book a date at your venue.
I believe my experience playing at SIMILAR_VENUES_HERE make me well suited to perform at your establishment.

I usually have about 20 fans show up to each of my shows, and my sets contain a mix of original music, Irish Songs, and Acoustic Covers (Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, The Band etc.)

You can find out more about me including sample me music here: https://www.bandf.la/reRichSoni.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Crafting Your Own

There are some things that may differ in your template. Here are some variations I encounter.

Personal Description

I alter the local singer/songwriter part based upon the performance type, and location. Sometimes I put local musician other times I put touring singer/songwriter or singer/songwriter from New Jersey.

Venue Name vs. Booker Name

Usually I do not know the name of the person booking the shows. If I do the email changes slightly.

Obviously, I address them by name in the salutation. I also change the sentence: book a date at your venue to book a date at VENUE_NAME since booking is often done by a promoter who handles several venues.

Bandflare Relay

In the past I had a section that looked like this:

Here are some links:
* Facebook
* Website
* iTunes
* Spotify
* Bandcamp

But now, I use Bandflare Relay links. This was their original use case, but they have proved to be useful for lots more.

Share your own!

Share any templates you use in the comments!