Artists Are Startups
Publish Date2016-02-12

An artist focused on fanbase growth is a startup artist. This can be determined by the following question: Would receiving 1,000,000 fans overnight solve most of your problems? If they answer yes, they are a startup artist.

Like Paul Graham says: "A barbershop isn't designed to grow fast. Whereas a search engine, for example, is". I got the idea of a startup being differentiated by growth from this essay. The startup artist, should revolve its strategy around growth checkpoints. Instead, I see many measuring consequences/tactics for the growth.

Here are some better ways to measure (not necessarily accurate numbers, or the only route)

Idea As A Consequence Of As A Tactic
Open for a big band show attendance average 100-200 fans can convince friends to come + 1000 people there will yield maybe 100 new likes
Get A Budget For An Album 200 fans giving 10 dollars each in kickstarter campaing can promote album at shows, and turn likes into fans
Get Signed to a record label exhausted local fanbase potential can venture to other areas, and get promotion which can yield more fans

Startup artists must focus on rapid growth. The strategies above should only be executed if they answer the following:

  1. does what we are doing have any growth potential?
  2. if so, are we doing everything we can to make sure we have that growth?
  3. is it the least amount of work we can do to get the most new fans?

If these questions cannot be answered the activity is just playing house.